Improving speed & efficiency for counter intelligence

Rebellion defense

Problem statement / Brief
Evidence is gathered at an alarming rate, and our forces are under pressure to produce reliable intelligence. Processing at source and speed is imperative. Our brief was to provide fast and efficient processing of high volumes of data, at the edge of operations – and to support actionable intelligence through ML backed processing and intuitive visualisation and search capability. 
My role: Lead product designer
Working closely with Customer, Service Designer, Engineering, Product & Sales. Conceptualisation, ideation, sketching, hi/lo fidelity prototyping, testing and dev-ready artwork using Figma Adobe CC & Dovetail. Design system using Figma & Storybook. Agile collaboration via Miro, Confluence, Assana & Google Suite. Design mentoring and on-boarding.
A complex operating environment
Having direct access to our users provided us with incredibly valuable insight. Along with a service designer, we took the time to understand their operating environment, their mission and pain-points – enabling us to innovate and develop something truly user-centred. Insight from user workshops, research and data processing was collated in Miro to assist wider collaboration with product and engineering teams.
Early stage concept sketches for design/engineering discussion, prior to lower fidelity Figma prototyping
AI/ML & Hybrid design development
With such a rich pool of data, different ML techniques could be applied to uncover a number of potential product features.
These were explored, conceptualised and wire-framed for user feedback and discussion. Iteration was UX focused, with daily user engagement and weekly feedback.
Rapid agile delivery
At 6 months we were able to deploy the alpha version of a remotely accessible, secure digital product with underlying ML processing infrastructure – with authority to test using live operational data.
Daily user engagement and weekly feedback continued, as we enriched valuable features and explored new ways to source data of interest.
At 12 months, we added significant, additional functionality around key data types – providing more advanced search capability than any of the existing systems currently in use. Insight that had previously taken days, had been cut to a matter of minutes.
6 months
to MVP
Days to mins
Actionable insight
ML backed features 
Officially endorsed for operational use
The product was given authority to operate, and the project renewed for a further year of development.

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