Mobile UX insight & optimisation

Audley Travel

Full CX design optimisation
During my time with Audley Travel, I had privileged access to multiple streams of data across the entire service design model. As well as the more common suite of Google Analytics and Optimise, we utilised the Contentsquare Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and tracked individual A/B test performance through to sale – giving us incredible granular insight on in-page behaviour and session route analysis.
Award for Best Mobile Experience
During my time as Lead UX Designer, Audley was awarded Best Mobile User Experience in the Travolution Design Awards.
Presentation on analysis techniques using DXP
I was invited by Contentsquare to present on the different methods of analysis I had adopted during my time with Audley. An excerpt of the slide deck is below, picking out a few highlights from A/B tests and analysis performed using the DXP suite.

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