Metrics & developer tooling for AI assurance


Current contract work in progress
Advai are delivering exciting and vital new products to support the consideration and adoption of ML models, helping to ensure they are robust and fit for purpose. The product needs to cater for a diverse mix of users – from those involved in the decision to adopt ML models into a business, to the engineers who implement and maintain them.
Insight has been gathered from key industry sectors along with a service designer to provide a wider perspective on their current knowledge of AI and how adoption of AI is being considered. First concepts are moving through alpha development for user feedback and testing.
There are distinctly different requirements for 2 key user groups. Labs will cater for the engineering users, providing in-depth result data from Advai's adversarial and stress testing capabilities. Insights will provide high level benchmarking, scoring and compliance information for non-technical users overseeing the adoption and ongoing performance of ML models in production.

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